Growing up in Kansas City, Carl was a natural musician, playing the trumpet, teaching himself how to play the guitar and mastering the piano.  Being a part of his school's marching band is where he got a true understanding of music and how it translates from one instrument to the next.

By the age of 15, Carl was on stage playing guitar and keys with professional adult bands, trying to blend in, as if he wasn’t just a child!  By 19, with a little cash in his pocket, a car load of clothes, his guitar and keyboard, Carl and a few aspiring friends journeyed cross country landing in Los Angeles.  Carl was also part of the hit making production team Mokutz which he formed with his good friend and business partner Charles Jordan. Carl aggressively built relationships, sharing his music creations with as many music Executives that would listen and shortly thereafter, Mokutz landed an impressive record deal ultimately signing with EMI music publishing now SONY/ATV. Throughout his career, Carl has made hit records that soared the Billboard Charts, straight to the top!  He’s earned Gold and Platinum records along with the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul award for one of the most requested Wedding Songs for over a decade entitled, “YOU.”

“This is one of my greatest and most memorable accomplishments. Jesse is one of the friends who made the journey from Kansas to LA dreaming of a record deal. We were young and crazy but we were also fearless, hungry and we really believed in our talents. That journey to LA certainly paid off. But actually, Jesse came after I had the most incredible and amazing opportunity! I was blessed enough to have guidance from the eldest of the legendary Jackson family – Jackie Jackson. Jackie was a manager, mentor and good friend to us allowing us full access to the Jacksons’ Havenhurst studios located on the Jackson Family estates. This is where we learned the true art of production and the business of music. That time and experience alone is priceless and unforgettable.”  During Carls career, he has had the pleasure of working with some of the great musical artists including Patti Label,  Adina Howard,  Seal,  Melvin Riley and Jamie Foxx - just to name a few.

While much of his time is consumed with the Dustyy Lane Band project, Carl also finds time to produce and score music recordings for film and television. “This side of production is just another way of expressing my creativity and I really enjoy it.  You can see some of my work on DustyyLaneBandLV-TV YouTube channel - .” 

Carl looks forward to finishing his own Smooth Jazz album this year, as well as a solo project for KLEO. 

“The Jazz project is something I’ve been wanting to do over the last few years. I play many instruments and want to be able to express that in my project. I am considering some collaborations with a few other well-known Jazz players, but that’s a secret for now.  I might even be able to talk Kleo into ‘ooooowzing’ on a track!  But right now, I’ll have to fit it in around Dustyy Lane!  This is a great project and this band will be like no other bands.  I get to recreate all styles of music with my own personal expression of it and THEN, you have an incredible vocalist and performer like KLEO puttin’ her touch on it; it’s a hit making combination!  There’s one other unique element that Dustyy Lane will be introducing, but that’s a surprise too!  Come and see us at the next gig and you’ll see!”